Happy December!

December is here! And what a year it’s been. Though it hardly feels a whole eleven months since the year began. December in my eyes can only mean C H R I S T M A S. The festivities and the music, and of course the cake, brings joy to the coldest, darkest month. Every year I am continually surprised by how cold it gets! And every year the days seem to get shorter, quicker. But with Christmas, our saving Grace, all is well.


My favourite part of Christmas has to be the magic. And not just for the kids. I'm the biggest lover of Christmas, and now I have kids it's just even more of an excuse. But I love the magic of it, the spellbinding wonderment and excitement.


Not the getting of stuff though, to an owner of a plastic-free shop (who is trying to release her hoarding tendencies and downsize her life)  the stress of being given gifts that are wrapped in or made of plastic, or unethically produced is enough to make me want to run for the hills. I'd rather receive nothing honestly, than something I'm going to have to eventually have to dispose of somehow, knowing it could stay on this earth unused and causing harm for hundreds of years. Gifts of homemade things, words, time, jewellery (a girl can hope) and experiences to be enjoyed throughout the year, to me, mean far more than the latest gadget or something grabbed quickly from a big store for the sake of having something to wrap up.

I overheard a snippet of two women having a conversation recently in a shop -

"How much have you spent on me for Christmas?" 

"About £50 so far"

"Oh, well I've spent £70 on you"

"Well I'll spend another £20 then"

I felt so sad. Money is not what Christmas is about for me. It's about the joy. Spending time with those who bring you joy and help you to feel good about yourself. Finding something to gift that you think they'll love, that will make them smile and feel wonder. In doing that, it in turn makes me feel good. So it's an all around win and everyones vibrations raise.


How do you like to get ready for Christmas? Well we've already been watching Christmas movies since October, but for me, once the decorations go up in December, (and I don't like to rush this and do it all at once) I can start to think about what gifts I'd like to give this year. Although I often let the thinking overrun and end up getting a little stressed wrapping into the very late hours of Christmas Eve, this year is the year I'm going to try to be more prepared. I'll let you know how that goes.


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