What is Thieves?

Legend has it that, during the height of the Bubonic Plague that first spread around the world in the 1300s, a group of robbers from Marseilles continued their trade throughout the pandemic but somehow they mysteriously stayed well. They became famous for robbing the possessions of those dead and dying of the Plague whilst not catching the deadly themselves. Though the Plague was highly infectious and took with it an estimated half of the world’s population, the robbers were able to touch the victims and somehow remain well. These four robbers, as the story goes, protected themselves with a blend of herbs that we know today as ‘Thieves’. 

Those thieves back in the 14th century invented a protective blend that has stood the test of time and been backed up by modern scientific research. ‘Thieves’ can take the form of an essential oil nowadays, bottled into little amber glass bottles of protective magic. It is made up of:


    • Clove - Clove is known to raise spiritual vibrations, protect and purify the area.

    • Cinnamon – Cinnamon aids healing as well as producing protective vibrations.

    • Eucalyptus – Known as a protective herb, Eucalyptus is an excellent way to maintain good health.

    • Rosemary – Rosemary emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations and helps to get rid of negativity.

    • Lemon – Lemon has purificatory powers and works well when used to cleanse.


There are endless benefits to each oil individually, but together they form an essence that is a powerful addition to your medicine cabinet, cleaning cupboard, handbag and home. Combined, the oils contain antibacterial properties that kill 99.6% of bacteria. This natural blend has been a life-saver in our home over the last year or so.


Thieves essential oil blend works especially well as a household cleaner. We use a highly concentrated Thieves solution from Young Living diluted in water. Completely natural and organic, we know we’re not spraying any nasties on to surfaces with this cleaner, which is reassuring especially when the kids are around. As you’ll be able to work out from its ingredients, the combination has a lovely homely and warm scent to it. Using it as a surface cleaner, to clean kid’s toys or to wipe down the kitchen, it leaves a delicious smell in any room.


In our little shop in Great Eccleston, we regularly have customers tell us how lovely the shop smells. If it’s not Christmas time when we’ve got Christmas Spirit diffusing to make the shop feel even more magical, you can almost guarantee that there’s a couple of drops of Thieves in the oil diffuser. Especially during the winter months when everyone seems to be at least a little bit run-down, we’ll have Thieves diffusing most of the day at the shop and home to help keep us well and tackle any airborne bacteria. Around Hallowe’en, Rachael and her two kids were all feeling rotten with a chesty cold and I was determined not to catch it! I made sure to have Thieves puffing out of the diffuser as much as I could and even dabbed some onto my pressure points before spending time with them.

It makes an amazing air purifier and is great for freshening and neutralising any strong smells when diffused, so is great to have in the kitchen or near any bins. Or if you want to refresh a fusty carpet, you can mix five drops of Thieves Essential Oil with a cup of Bicarbonate of Soda and sprinkle over the carpet overnight, vacuum thoroughly the following day.


We’ve made some rollers in the shop that are amber glass bottles with Thieves in, to apply to the skin. The rollers were excellent for congestion relief and helped the three of them to clear up their infections. A combination of the Thieves, reducing my sugar intake, eating mindfully and taking vitamins kept me well even when I was surrounded by a poorly Rachael and two poorly mini-Rachaels.


As well as applying the roller to their chest and feet when the girls were under the weather, they also soaked in baths with a drop of two of Thieves added directly to the hot water. The combination of Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lemon that makes Thieves have something really magical about it that helps to clear the sinuses like nothing else.


The Thieves blend also makes an amazing natural disinfectant spray and we even have some travel bottles ready made up in the shop for you. Ideal for keeping with you on the go, or to try out at home before you invest in a full bottle.

Thieves is one of the most popular essential oil blends that we stock here at Zero One. Rollers, spray bottles, highly concentrated cleaner or just the oil itself can all be found in our little refill store in Great Eccleston or here online.


Get in touch to find out more, or place your order for some today.

Col x

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