Welcome to Zero One. A beacon of hope and positivity, a place for positive change and THE place to start, to help you to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Hello! My name is Rachael, and I’m the founder of Nurtured.me and Zero One. I’m Mum to two adorable little girls and if you’ve been to the shop, especially during lockdown, you’ll probably have met these two and listened to one of their wonderful stories or seen their latest invention. They love being at the shop, chatting to all the lovely people who come to visit and they are so proud that we’re making a real difference to the world and helping so many people to make changes away from non-recyclable goods. 



Where Zero One Started

In early 2017, I founded Nurtured.me. Originally an online home to help me to share ways for Mothers to feel more nurtured and worthy, it soon developed into a place for parents to nurture their children. My daughters were 1 & 2 years old at the time, and I launched Toddler Camp. An online resource of activities, recipes and games to print off and do at home, to turn off screens and spend more time with your children. Whilst still making lots of time for yourself and losing Mum Guilt!

By October 2017, I had launched the online store, with a carefully selected range of wooden toys and gifts. It was whilst searching for ethical gifts to include in the Nurtured.me store, that I discovered Beeswax Wraps. Being very hard to come by in this country at the time, I set about designing and making my own. Thus The Lunablu Kitchen was born. As I was selling wooden toys and reusable food wraps online and at markets and fairs, I searched for more ethical and plastic-free products to help my Nurtured parents to make even more swaps.

Missing out on adult human interaction, I had started attending Vegan and Farmers Markets in mid 2018. The Great British Food Festival in August of 2018 is where I launched my idea for a refill food store in Lancashire. At this stage there were less than 10 throughout the country, and I felt we needed this in Lancashire. The response was overwhelming, you all couldn’t wait to shop like this, and were very supportive of me opening somewhere. But the right location fell through three times and I wondered if it was the right thing for me. However a pop up store in Ansdell, Lytham in December 2018 showed me yet again how much you wanted to shop this way.

I continued to increase the online store, and attend Vegan and Farmers Markets and Fairs and by the summer of 2019 had over 500 product lines, but I still wasn’t able to provide food items, which was what was very much needed. I knew the time had come for me to find a permanent home.

In September 2019, after months of searching for the perfect location and shop, I was thrilled to finally find Nurtured.me a permanent physical home, in the beautiful village of Great Eccleston, Lancashire and we called it Zero One. 

Here you can browse our full online range, but with the bonus of being able to touch, smell and feel all of our wonderful products.