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Organic Mung Beans

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Mung beans are a great source of protein, one of the highest plant-based protein sources you’ll find in fact. They’re also good for folate, dietary fiber, phosphorus,iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium and vitamin K! Not bad for a tiny green bean that you don’t even need to soak before cooking. 

One cup of mung beans contains around 15g of fiber, and 15g of protein. Much of the fiber is indigestible, which is amazing for our digestive health.

As these mung beans are great sources of both protein and fiber, they’re good stabilizing blood sugar levels too. Mung beans are also rich in soluble fiber, which is helpful for lowering blood cholesterol levels and supporting cardiovascular health.

As mung beans are small and quick to cook compared to other beans or chickpeas, so no soaking is required before cooking them.


If you do choose to soak them, some say that discarding the soaking water and refilling with fresh to cook the beans in, can help remove those flatulence causing enzymes.


My favourite way to cook mung beans is in a pan of vegetable stock with added oregano and garlic. They taste amazing as a side dish to any stew or roast dinner this way.


Mung beans also soak for sprouting really well and are delicious added to salads.