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  • Rachael’s Triple Ginger Cake Kit - Zero One
  • Rachael’s Triple Ginger Cake Kit - Zero One
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Rachael’s Triple Ginger Cake Kit

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Almost everything you need to make one amazingly delicious organic, refined sugar-free and vegan ginger cake, you only need to add coconut oil, hot water and a little time 💚

And just a little more than you need too, as we've included a full size bottle of Agave Syrup, as you're going to want to use this again! AND a fabulous glass mini measuring cup for measuring the perfect teaspoons and tablespoon measure. But also maybe for keeping in your glass cupboard in case the mood takes you ;-)

You can use this kit to make either one large cake, or in muffin cases to make lots of lovely individual cakes.


I know that you’ll be asking “why triple?”…

But first, a word about what we’ve included in this delicious baking kit.

We always choose organic ingredients where possible, as organic is the way things should be grown. With pressure to reduce costs, produce more and produce reliably, growers are under so much pressure with ever tighter margins forced by the supermarkets that it’s often the only obvious answer to spray pesticides, insecticides and more all over the food you are going to eat. We don’t think that this should be the case. We don’t believe that you should be subjected to addditional toxins being put into your body in order for production levels to be kept at a level that supermarkets are happy with.

We choose the best self-raising flour available from Doves Farm.

 We opt for non-refined sugars to help keep your sugar high and resulting crash to a minimum. You get all the lovely sticky sweetness, but without the inevitable sugar crash that follows. You’re also putting purer food into your system, which results in less processes for your body.

We always choose organic herbs and spices in our recipes, as even though we use such small quantities of spices, the effects of choosing organic are huge! Did you know that non-organic spices can contain up to 20% of an undeclared bulk filler in them? That they are often radiated and sprayed when coming into the UK? We were shocked when we found out, so we always chose organic herbs and spices in our refill shop, and found the prices were similar to supermarkets prices for the same quantity!

 Why Chia Seeeds? Chia Seeds are an excellent egg replacement. Just mix this pack of organic chia seeds with water for a few minutes and you’ll see they take on a very egg-like glutenous nature. They’re packed with extra nutrients too...

 But what you really want to know is, why triple ginger? And who is Rachael? Well, a few years ago, our founder, Rachael, was helping her Grandma, Margaret, to find a ginger cake recipe that was similar to the one her Mother had made when she was younger. The problem was that Rachael’s Great Grandma, Martha never used recipes, or scales either for that matter! She was an outstanding and resourceful cook, having worked as a domestic cook in large houses in Lancaster in her youth. So everything she baked was by eye, even bread. Margaret had been searching for the same ginger cake her Mother had made when she was younger, and over the years had scoured charity shops for old forgotten recipe books and baked hundreds of cakes but none were quite right.

When Margaret was 90.5 years old, she was quite ill in hospital and mentioned the search to Rachael, so Rachael started looking. She scoured forums and recipe sites on the internet and started baking ginger cake everyday to take in to her Grandma. None were quite right until she came across an old recipe which required adding hot water to the mix. It seemed a pretty unusual thing to do, but it worked! It created just the right level of stickiness, and Grandma told her that it was almost there, but try “double ginger” The next day, Rachael made the double ginger gingercake recipe and took it in for Grandma to try, and she said it was perfect. Now Rachael can be a little synical sometimes but she likes to think that she did manage to recreate Martha’s ginger cake from her Grandma’s youth, but some may say that Margaret was getting a bit fed up of ginger cake every day and let her have the win. Either way, it meant that Rachael’s daughters also discovered a love for ginger cake, and so the story continues. When Rachael’s eldest daughter was 4 years old, after trying many ginger cakes, she was helping her Mum to bake and while they were adding ‘double ginger’ announced that it should actually be ‘triple ginger’ and do you know what? She was absolutely right!